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Job Search OS by Roberto

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This is my Job Search OS.

Job Search OS by Roberto is a Notion template that helps with every aspect of the job searching process.

  • Manage every job you're interested in from research to offer.
  • Collect detailed information on the companies and recruiters involved.
  • Keep detailed contact details for everyone you speak to during your search.
  • Document every single interaction about a job: calls, interviews, tests, etc.
  • Never miss an action or a deadline with the dedicated Actions section.

I use this very system for my own Job Search, managing over 100 job applications over time.

Put together with ❤️ and 🧠 by Roberto.

How to use it?

Visit the template and make your own copy by selecting Duplicate in the upper right corner.

Click on the triangles next to the headings to make sure you can see all of the sections.

There are detailed instructions at the top, and examples are provided so you can experience the power of Job Search OS from day 1.

Why did I create this?

The problem: when you're exploring the jobs market, you're doing so many things that it's hard to keep track of it all. I've had this problem before, and I've tried different solutions, from spreadsheets to CRM.

Nothing I tried before really worked for me so last time I decided to build my own tool using the power of Notion.

Before long, I was tracking nearly 40 jobs and researching 160 companies. I had contact details for 50 people and a record of all my conversations with each of them, including detailed notes from over 25 interviews. The Job Search OS was really working for me, allowing me to stay on top of my search, focus on my research and my conversations with future colleagues and quickly be successful in getting a brilliant new job.

What's inside?

Jobs database with detailed information including company, URL, application state, people involved, CV used and more.

Companies database, designed to support the research phase of the search (who are they, what do they do, am I interested in them?) as well as the application phase.

People database helps you keep detailed information about everyone you interact with, contact details and conversation records.

Interview and Interaction notes, linked to the jobs they are for and the people that participated.

Actions table. Never forget to get back to someone.

All of this is delivered as a Notion template which you will be able to duplicate into your space. You need a Notion account to use this, but you can get all the features of Job Search OS by Roberto on the free tier. You don't need a paid account.


• The Job Search OS by Roberto can not guarantee that you will find the job of your dreams. It will make the process a lot easier but you still need that magic combination of effort and luck.

• This is not a course or a guide. It is a tool that helps you do many of the tasks you need to do when job hunting.

Some early feedback

"I can't believe I'm still using this tool 3 weeks in. It is so nice to have everything available on one page"


Is there a refund policy?

If you feel the Job Search OS isn't valuable to you, contact me within 30 days & I'll refund you. I would be extra grateful if you let me know how to make the product better.

Can I share the Job Search OS with others?

Absolutely not. When you pay for this product, you are getting a personal license for your own use. I have put weeks of work into creating and refining this product, and will continue to improve it for you and everyone else at no additional cost.

Will you update the product?

I will update the product regularly based on feedback from users like you. All updates will be free for existing users. I will notify people of updates using Gumroad's email tools.

Who is this Roberto?

I have been building Tech products for over 20 years. In that time, I have experienced the joys and tribulations of job seeking, both as a candidate and as a hiring manager.

I have been using this tool in its current and previous iterations for a couple of years, and recently asked a few early adopters to use it too so it could be improved. This amazing Job Search OS is the result of all that effort. I hope you find it as useful as I do.

Want to find out more about me? I'm on LinkedIn.

What is Notion?
Notion is a free project management and note-taking software that offers an unparalleled level of customization. You can download it here.

Can I become an affiliate?
Absolutely, click here to sign up.

Do you offer custom Notion solutions for businesses or individuals?
I sure do. Please send me an email at with what you have in mind.

Still have questions?
You can find me on Twitter @rhortal

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Job Search OS by Roberto

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