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Product Management Library by Roberto

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A collection of Articles, Blogs, Resources, Tools and more, all about the wonderful world of building Products.

You'll also get an invite to the library's Discord server, where you'll meet other product people to collaborate with, learn together and have valuable discussions about everything product.

Put together with ❤️ and 🧠 by Roberto.

Why did I create this?

The problem: a lot of people I talk to in Product and Tech want to learn about Product Management – both the Science and the Art of our profession. But they don’t really know where to start. So I built them a starting point: a long list of Articles, Resources, Blogs, Links and Media, categorised by type and tagged so each piece of content is easy to find and the collection very easy to use.

What's inside?

100+ hand-curated high-quality entries, with new ones added every week!

65 categories, from classic content to detailed deep dives in areas such as cross-functional teams, design thinking, innovation, thought leaders, and product culture.

Articles, Resources and templates, Frameworks, Quick reads and Detailed essays.

Join over 150 people and get access to Product Management Library by Roberto!

Optionally, a remote one-hour Product coaching session with me. I will send you a calendaring link within 48 hours to get it scheduled.


This is a collection of curated content. Some of it is written by me, most of it is written by others. The value of this product is in the collection, classification and constant curation of the collection.

Some early feedback

"I have to say that the library is exceeding my expectations. I have a lot of catch-up reading to do 😀"

"I can imagine the amount of work behind this. Awesome resources and the fact that it has a built-in search function is great"


Is there a refund policy?

If you feel the Product Management Library isn't valuable to you, contact me within 30 days & I'll refund you. I would be extra grateful if you let me know how to make the product better.

The Coaching Session is refundable up to 48 hours before the scheduled date. You can change the date and time as many times as you like, as long as you give me 24 hours notice.

Can I share the Product Management Library with others (team, colleagues, friends)?

The product is available as pay-what-you-want, starting at a very low @5. This buys you a personal license for your own use. I will be grateful if you share the product sales page with people and explain there is a refund option so they can be sure they´re not wasting their money.

Who is this Roberto?

I am Chief Product and Technology Officer at a global EdTech organisation. Also, I have been building Tech products for over 20 years. In that time, I have learned a lot about what it means to "do" products, to "be" a product organisation, and the journeys people take when learning the science and art of product management. One way I have learned is by researching, collecting and categorising all of the excellent content available on the internet. I have created this amazing resource that I use all of the time, so I thought others may find it useful as well.

Want to find out more about me? I'm on LinkedIn.

Still have questions?
You can find me on Twitter @rhortal

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Product Management Library by Roberto

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